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Samples of Artwork and Coding

Flash Header Slideshow

A client wished to showcase their paintings in a slide show. As they did not have paintings available yet I used photo manipulation to place their artworks in actual locations to make it appear as though the paintings were there. Then created a slide show to showcase the images

PHP Form Example

As an avid craigslist user I create custom php forms to search multiple locations and catagory easily.

Webpages I've Created

The Happy Cooker

This site was created for a small family resturant in the mountains of Colorado. Simple and sharp in design it allows customers to review their menu as well as contact and leave feedback.

Duck Guides Inc

While working for Oxbow Creations I created this site while also making it a template for several other sites like it.

Kinetic Media

A client had a precise design they created the images for and wished to have converted to HTML and CSS. I used the images to create exactly what the client had invisioned for their site.


A small game company required a site to begin their beta testing for a new online game. I created this site and designed the maps for the game.

Magness Creek

A small housing development wished to have a site for their home owners association. I created a landing page for their forums seen here. Using flash and XML I created a slide show they could easily add images to and link homes for sale from without needing coding knowledge.

Magness Creek Holiday Calendar

The same housing development required a custom holiday calendar to plan events for the home owners.

Outside of Digital Art
I also do construction of custom log homes
and tile mosiacs

Samples of Construction I've done

Custom wood working and tile mosiacs I've created for several homes located through New England